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Cookie Order Form


Designed to be a replacement for standard Girl Scouts cookie order forms, and was modeled after the 2016 Little Brownie Bakers® order form specifically. Once the cookies are setup and prices set, start taking orders. By default you can load the cookies for ABC Bakers or Little Brownie Bakers. You also have the option of entering your own cookies. When you are ready to report your orders, you can generate 2 CSV files: one for the list of orders and the other for all of your totals. These then can be emailed to your troop cookie manager. Under the settings tab you can enter user data. This includes facts about why you are selling the cookies. This data is used to assist in speaking to a potential customer as well as putting a name and troop in your emails. Any suggestions on improving the app can be made by emailing Notes: - Track who hasn't paid.- Track who still needs their cookies delivered.- When viewing detailed order records you can use the +/- control or swipe left and right to navigate between orders.- User data can be entered in the Settings tab. This data feeds the speech bubble icon on the orders tab as well as the email body.- The app does not need an internet connection for its core functionality. Only if you are using the email feature for sending an order report to someone would one be required.